Puppy Gallery

Kelso Creek Corgi’s Puppies From Prior Litters

8/25/2017 – Sparkle and Perry are proud parents to 8 little bundles of joy.
Theme for this amazing litter is Guardians of the Galaxy.

11/25/17 – Miss Nova is 3 months old and enjoying her time chewing on a cow hoof.
Nova 11/25/17
3 months old









10/21/17 – Groot just being Grooty.  Now named Twix and enjoying life with his new family.

10/1/17 – Nubby, Cosmo and Cory with a glimpse of Nova and Drax at the end.

Groot playing with their new activity center.

5 red & white boys and  1 tri boy.
1 tri girl and 1 red & white girl.  Sparkle and puppies are doing great!

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Sparkle is DM & vWD1 Clear. Please do your research before buying any puppy.  DM & vWD1 are preventable through simple, inexpensive dna testing.   A breeder should never breed if there is a chance of having a puppy that is Affected by either of these diseases!





Dad is Kelso Creek’s Agent P “Perry”

Perry is DM & vWD1 Clear.  OFA Hips & Eyes Good

OFA Tests