Welcome to Kelso Creek

It is my pleasure to introduce you to these very smart and loving Pembroke Welsh Corgis that will steal your hearts!

Corgis are (very) short legged natural herders that make wonderful house pets.  They are bold and exceptionally friendly.  They require some regular grooming due to their undercoat, but are otherwise low maintenance.  Pembroke Corgis are smart and agile for  obedience, agility and rally. 

We recently moved to the splendid Oregon Coast!     Please visit our website often for more pictures as we journey down the road on some awesome adventures!

Kelso Creek Pembroke Corgis are bred for sturdiness and good health.  I do health testing to make sure my Corgis are capable of producing healthy puppies.  Temperament in our Corgis is as important as health.  Kelso Creek Corgis are always happy and outgoing.  They are socialized from a very young age with both people and other animals.   

Sparkle is now retired.   Coming in August we have a show prospect.  Say Hi!  to Natasha!.  It will be almost 2 years before she will complete health testing to determine if she is breeding quality.  Follow along for updates on her show career.  Her first show is potentially in November, after she turns 6 months.