Poso Creek’s Black Widow @ Kelso Creek “Natasha”

Whelped May 4, 2021

Sire: Winterdales Sean
Dam: Oakgrove Triple H Dolly Madison

Natasha shown above on 8/4/21 at 3 months old. What a feminine yet sturdy little girl with lovely dark eyes! Dolly & Sean produced a great litter of puppies with Natasha being the pick girl! Tri has always been my favorite color of Pembroke and what I started with years ago. I am thrilled to welcome Natasha into my home to become my future show potential prospect! Thank you to Kim Beachler at Poso Creek Corgis for giving me the opportunity to own this outstanding baby girl.

Sean’s grandfather was the #1 Herding dog, so beauty, brains and herding ability should run strong in this family.

DM Carrier. Other health testing coming soon and after she is old enough.